Author photoWelcome to, a website focused on the slot game Kitty Glitter. This particular IGT title is a game that I have been playing for years as a slot machine in casinos all over the world. It is popular in Europe, Asia and the US of course. The theme to this slot just works so well!

A little about me
I am Bryan and I have been an avid slot player since I first laid eyes on them when I was in my twenties. As I have grown older I have seen the evolution of slot games from casino to online and eventually to my mobile phone. I have also seen the introduction of spurious regulation, such as UIGEA – effectively taking away all opportunities for me to gamble online when I am my home country. However, I am positive that over time things will change and these rather old fashioned restrictions will be relaxed.

The reason I built this site is because I love to write about slots. In fact I used the Kitty Glitter review I wrote on Gamingslots to help put together this one. I have deliberately built this site so that it works on whatever device you are using and will provide the information based on that. My advice is you read this site on the same device you intend to play on.

I hope you enjoy this site and please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best of luck!

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