Kitty Glitter Slot Bonus Features


The bonus rounds are potentially the most exciting part of the game for any player. The Kitty Glitter slot incorporates a range of bonus rounds and special features to keep players on their toes.

One of the best bonus rounds a player can reach is the free spins bonus round. When the four cat symbols appear on the reels, this is the signal that some kind of bonus is going to follow. Obviously this is the point where players need to be as focused as possible so they get as much out of the slot machine as possible

After this has happened, the Diamond Bonus Symbol will come into play. It will show up on the 5th reel and eventually fill in one of the blank diamond spaces. Slowly it will fill up all the spaces from left to right until it is complete.

kittyglitter-bonusround2.jpgOnce this is complete, the cat symbol will change into a wild symbol. This will stay in place for the rest of the free spins. Anything that is won on reels 2 right through to 5 will count towards prizes for the player.

The great thing about this bonus round is the more spins that take place, the more that wild symbols will appear. Of course, the more they appear the big and more frequent the pay outs become, increasing a players winning far beyond what they would ever expect.

Of course, the worst part of this for players is when they see their free spins dwindling. If this is happening, remember that the winnings are increasing. There are two ways that the free spins will end; there are no free spins remaining, the top amount of 225 free spins has been achieved or the highest award of 250,000 has been achieved. Any of the above will signal the end of the free spin bonus round.

Kitty Glitter Slot

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